Class cancelled today (10/30)

I am out sick today, so you have our class period to work on whatever project most needs your attention.

Your journal entry today will be on this week’s podcast, “The Upside of Quitting.” You can find a link to it in the schedule (but I hope you’ve already listened to it). Listen to the podcast and then write a brief narrative describing a time when you realized you needed to walk away from something. This can be a major, a job, a friendship, a relationship–any sustained effort you’ve engaged in but later discovered was not worth the investment.

Please submit this journal entry to the dropbox in D2L by 11:59 Saturday.



Journal 9

This week’s journal will be an easy one. Summarize what you have learned from Mrs. LaPrade in today’s guest lecture and/or the website and outside resources she referred you to.

Don’t just give me a page of regurgitation, though. Remember to structure your essay so that you are highlighting two or three main themes.

I’ll see you all in class Monday.

‘Til then,


Journal 8

This week’s journal doubles as an incentive to get you started early on your research for the end-of-term paper writing bonanza. Your essay for the week will essentially amount to a research proposal, which is a common academic convention in itself. Before you embark on the heavy lifting involved in a large research project, you can submit a sketch of your ideas for feedback and suggestions (and sometimes for funding or other support).

So, in the spirit of learning about academic processes, a research proposal is what you are going to write this week.¬† Stick with our normal length/formatting guidelines for journal entries, incorporate all of the writing skills we’ve accumulated up to this point in the semester, and make sure your essay addresses each of the following:

  • The person (or list of candidates if you still haven’t chosen for sure) you plan to profile
  • A brief bio / career summary that includes his or her field of study, profession, and a little about the path this person followed to get where he or she ended up at present or at the end of the career. (This section should be around 2 paragraphs)
  • An explanation of why you find this person so compelling and what you hope to learn from his or her success
  • A preliminary list of sources (even if you just have¬†1 or 2)

These entries are due Saturday at 11:59 PM, as usual.

I’ll see you all Monday.


Journal 7 due Monday night

A recap and an extension:

This week’s journal entry is a reflection on the SWOT analysis we did in class this week. Remember that you can choose to write about any or all 4 elements we’ve discussed, but be sure that a deliberate structure and organizational scheme is evident in your essay. Think back on the outlines we drafted on the board together on Wednesday.

This journal is due Monday night (11:59 PM) instead of the usual Saturday deadline. If you’ve already submitted and wish you could go back and edit your entry, you can. Just submit a new file to the same dropbox.

Enjoy your break.

October 2: Wrap up for the week

The quiz that takes the place of today’s class has been posted in D2L. Remember to finish it by 5:00 PM this Friday (Oct. 4). The quiz also counts as this week’s journal grade. I want to give you a break on journal entries because your next campus event report is due Monday at 11:59 PM.

Don’t forget that we are going to be meeting in Room 202 (the computer lab) on Monday. I’ll see you then!

Midterm grades will be reported in GoldLink by the end of the week. On Monday, I’ll show you how to log in and access them so that you can see how you are doing in each of your classes.

See you then.

Journal 5

Guys and girls,

I may have neglected to mention this in class Wednesday, but I am using your presentation this week (or Monday) as your journal. There is no extra journal assignment due this week.

If your team has already presented, please submit your team evaluations to the appropriate dropbox so that I can get those grades up in D2L.



Optional Field Trip to Snap On Tools

Just a reminder that we will be meeting at Snap On Tools in Elizabethton at 10:50 AM tomorrow for those of you who want to tour the plant. So that I have an accurate headcount, please send an email to to let me know whether or not you plan to be there.

If you need transportation to the site, please let me know ASAP.

Remember that although this trip is optional, it can be used for one of your campus event reports.