Sept. 16: Campus Event Report

Don’t forget that your first campus event report is due Monday before midnight. If you still haven’t attended your first event, let me make a few suggestions:

starsIf you’re into stargazing (or maybe want to be), check out the first of Powell Observatory’s Star Parties this fall.  This event runs from 8-10 on Saturday night, so remember that you’ll not have much time to waste writing up your report and turning it in. ETSU astronomy faculty will be on hand to answer questions, and Dr. Giroux will be giving a talk on Johannes Kepler. Specifics can be found at this link.


public healthTomorrow morning, the College of Public Health is hosting a symposium on Prostate Cancer. If you have a break between classes from 9:45-11:00, you can attend this event just two buildings over from us in Lamb Hall. This symposium has been organized by a classmate of mine. If you are someone who thinks medical practice and advice is all a black and white, reliably established thing, the controversy surrounding a relatively new cancer screening test could be of interest to you. You can expect to hear debates about ethics, cost, pragmatism, and the psychological burden of a false diagnosis. This seminar will let you see behind the scenes as you watch how the medical and public health communities determine best practices for diagnosing, treating, and communicating with patients.

palsAny of you interested in starting your own business or working in quality control should take advantage of next week’s Entrepreneurship Club meeting on Sept. 23 (note that this is too late for Campus Event 1). Pal Barger will be speaking at this meeting. For those of you who aren’t from the area and have not been initiated into the local wonder that is Pal’s, this fast food chain won a Baldridge quality award many years ago. In certain circles, this award is kind of a big deal, so Pal is something of a regional celebrity. You might get some good advice. If not, at least the next time you’re tucking into an order of Frenchie Fries, you’ll be able to say you’ve met the guy who made that magic possible.


Several future weekend events can be found here. If in doubt about whether an event fits one of our categories, please ask first.



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