Journal 8

This week’s journal doubles as an incentive to get you started early on your research for the end-of-term paper writing bonanza. Your essay for the week will essentially amount to a research proposal, which is a common academic convention in itself. Before you embark on the heavy lifting involved in a large research project, you can submit a sketch of your ideas for feedback and suggestions (and sometimes for funding or other support).

So, in the spirit of learning about academic processes, a research proposal is what you are going to write this week.  Stick with our normal length/formatting guidelines for journal entries, incorporate all of the writing skills we’ve accumulated up to this point in the semester, and make sure your essay addresses each of the following:

  • The person (or list of candidates if you still haven’t chosen for sure) you plan to profile
  • A brief bio / career summary that includes his or her field of study, profession, and a little about the path this person followed to get where he or she ended up at present or at the end of the career. (This section should be around 2 paragraphs)
  • An explanation of why you find this person so compelling and what you hope to learn from his or her success
  • A preliminary list of sources (even if you just have 1 or 2)

These entries are due Saturday at 11:59 PM, as usual.

I’ll see you all Monday.



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