Sept. 14: Journal 3

Topic: This journal will summarize what you learned Monday on the challenge course.  I want you to address this general question: What effect did physical and mental obstacles (heat, fatigue, nerves, distance, ambient noise) have on your ability to communicate, plan, and negotiate this task as a team? Be sure to conclude with some ideas about how you can apply what you’ve learned about yourself to a real work setting.

We are accumulating writing skills over the course of the semester, so these essays will get progressively more complex as the weeks go on. This week, you will be graded on how well you:

  • State your thesis upfront (LRWB Ch.1)
  • Break your subject down into separate related parts (LRWB Ch.2)

It’s due Saturday at 11:59 PM. Don’t forget that your first campus event report is due next Monday, September 16.


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