Journal 4 and Speeches

I’ve uploaded an electronic copy of your speech topic ideas for future reference. I also want to use this space to lay out the requirements for your group speeches next Wednesday.

A speech that earns a good grade in this class will have the following elements:
(1) a topic that is relevant to most college students or college-aged individuals
(2) a thesis that is clearly stated early in the presentation
(3) an organizational scheme that reinforces the clarity of the message
(4) a good balance between facts/data and an engaging narrative
(5) delivery by a comfortable, confident speaker (or speakers)

Visual aids may be appropriate depending on your topic, but they are not required. If you decide to go the visual route, try to steer from the done-to-death powerpoint slide show (although I have been guilty of indulging in that tried-and-true method myself) and consider making some interesting graphics of your own. Play around with some free web applications like or Piktochart. To see a presentation that beautifully incorporates visual representations of “boring” facts and makes them interesting, watch this video by Hans Rosling (thanks, Tyler, for the tip). Notice that he also has an accent. This must be an essential quality of a good public speaker.

If you want to get really, really specific, use the attached rubric to help you prepare. This is how I will actually grade your presentations.

Remember that I have set aside a block of time from 11:00 – 12:30 on Friday for any groups who would like to discuss ideas, get help with research, or do a test run with the AV equipment in our classroom. Feel free to come see me if you would like any guidance before you get too far into this project over the weekend.

Also remember that your journal entry should cover these essential points:

(1) Team members

(2) Presentation topic

(3) What the topic means to you personally and your position on the subject

(4) Your role, as agreed upon by your teammates, in the project (i.e. researcher, fact-checker, visual aid designer, speaker)


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