September 7: Journal 2

Topic: Next week, we will be talking about the institution itself (professors, university goals, expectations of students) and then about how your mind absorbs, filters, and retains information. There’s a lot of communication–a lot of give and take–going on in this process. To gear you up for next week’s discussion, I want you to start thinking about the learning process, but from a different perspective. I want you to think about a time you taught someone else how to do something. This doesn’t have to be academic; you could tell me about teaching your little brother how to mow the yard, showing your girlfriend how to shoot, or teaching your grandmother how to use iTunes. Your essay should answer these questions in a narrative (sentence/paragraph) format:

  • Who was your student?
  • What did you teach?
  • About how long did the “lesson” take?
  • How well did your student pick up the information you were giving him/her?
  • What was particularly challenging about this student?
  • What did you learn about teaching?

DUE: Saturday, Sept. 7 at 11:59 PM


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