August 31: Journal 1 Entry

Topic: Answer one, or all, or any combination of these questions in a narrative form (i.e. full sentences and paragraphs, not bullet lists).

What do you think college is about? What are some of the purposes of these four (or more) years you spend here? Before you tell me this is job training, take a look at your general education classes and think about why a university would ask you to take these classes in preparation for a job.

What do you personally hope to accomplish here?

Have you encountered any surprises yet this week at school? Have you seen or heard anything you weren’t expecting?

Writing Skills: This one’s a freebie.  I want to see your writing in default mode so that I know where you are and how your high school classes have prepared you to write.

Submission: Save your essay as a Word document and submit it to the “Journal 1” folder in D2L Dropbox by 11:59 PM Saturday, August 31.


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